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Subject: Re: "Stopping" and "resuming" from stop state
Author: Athanasios Viennas
Date: 01/28/2021 21:28
> Hello, I have checked the documentation and the
> forum but could not quite find whether the following
> is possible. Assuming a long download which will
> need to stop and continue but with the need to have
> the host computer shutdown, and moved, therefore
> having to terminate the httrack process and
> re-launch it at a later time. Is that possible? Can
> anybody provide pointers for the required actions in
> each part of the process ("stop" and "resume").

It was as simple as sending Ctrl+C to console and waiting for the queued
downloads to complete, then just re-issuing the same command and confirming
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"Stopping" and "resuming" from stop state

01/28/2021 14:52
Re: "Stopping" and "resuming" from stop state

01/28/2021 21:28


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