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Subject: Questions on HTTrack
Author: Gina Jones
Date: 12/12/2002 07:47
Hi, I am a first time user of HTTrack, at a library, and we 
are trying
to figure out what tool we will use to build our collection 
of archived
websites.  So, I am testing this product, which is really 

I have been downloading a site, pretty much kept the 
settings.  Don't have any linkchecking on.

-I thought that I had estimated the size of the site, but I 
am watching
the download process and it seems to be on the 3rd 
passthrough of the
site.  The first passthrough was 2 gigs, second passthrough 
was about 2
gigs, and now it is going through again.  Why does it do 
this?  Missed
files?  Doing a review to make sure? I don't have an 
estimate on the
site size, figured it was big but was hoping it was not 
this big.  How
many pass-throughs will it do?
-Does the Wintrack version have a cron job feature?
-Any thoughts of adding a compression feature?   

Thanks, gina

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12/12/2002 07:47
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