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Subject: Re: Error: "Forbidden" (403)
Author: Naisse
Date: 02/22/2021 02:02
> re: <>
> I have full access to this site with user name and
> password yet WinHTTrack only runs for about 30
> seconds and I receive a string of errors like: 
> Error:  "Forbidden" (403) 

> I added my user name and PW on the appropriate
> window...

I use the following method: 
- login in a browser
- export the cookies for the website using anything that lets you get a
Netscape-style cookies.txt
- drop the cookies.txt into the project folder, same place that hts-log.txt
calls home
- make sure the logout link is not in download scope
- start httrack in whatever way you do it, I don't think command-line vs
graphical makes a difference here...

(From the manual:  
-bN    accept cookies in cookies.txt (0=do not accept,* 1=accept)
so it should pick up the cookie file by default, without any further
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