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Subject: capturing images on pages
Author: Dav
Date: 02/28/2021 21:31
hey folks - I scrolled back about 7-8 months, and saw some related questions,
but they either didn't have answers or didn't quite apply, to my
interpretation (sorry if I am incorrect - happy to get any guidance).

been asked to try and capture a vehicle service manual for an older car - here
is the site: 
<http://civic.hondafitjazz> DOT com/manual2.html

a lot of the pages have images inserted in the content to provide context for
that specific portion, that are readily available, but only viewable when an
image icon is selected.  

The archived website shows "Submit Query" in place of the icon, and when
clicked it brings up a broken image.

the properties of the image icon (to be selected) have the link to the images,
and some other items (so the properties maybe more for the entire page?).  

Each web page's images are in a /PNG subdirectory of their web page

maybe add a subdirectory wildcard somewhere in the preferences?

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02/28/2021 21:31
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