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Subject: Art Gallery Download
Author: Zigaudrey
Date: 03/21/2021 15:57
I wanted to download my arts gallery from the Tegaki E Archive. However, there
are problems that make my request difficult:

-Tegaki E is heavily art-based and the software download link from users who
commented and so on (explaining the long download!)
-The archive doesn't follow the typical or pattern.

What I want:
-Download picture link EXCLUDING the Tegaki E Archive link at the bottom (make
it dormant)
-INCLUDE user picture comment but EXCLUDE their profile link
-On the drawing page, INCLUDE the user link("By <Username>" at the top)

Extra detail:
-I tried the download twice with different setting but never check the result.
I though excluding link worked. I notice each time I add a link to exclude, it
added [name] on the front. Why is that?

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