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Subject: WinHTTtrack removes whtt project files
Author: elvisef
Date: 04/21/2021 08:49
How to prevent WinHTTtrack from removing "whtt" project files after removing
project folder ?
Generally I am downloading a website, and then I am RAR'ing it. So it's
packaged, but the original folder is removed after packaging (I've set it).
And I wanted to have both: a whtt project file and my packaged website.

No hope for this. After setting another/new website/project to be downloaded,
HTTrack removes whtt files where there is no original folder. 

The question is WHY ?
I know that httrack makes an index.html file with the list of all projects
downloaded, but if a folder does not exist, but the whtt files is on disk,
there should be no such situation that it removes my project file with setting
I've set.

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04/21/2021 08:49
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