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Subject: Cookies work with curl, but not with httrack
Author: Andres
Date: 06/07/2021 01:06

I'm trying to download a website with a login form. Have tried different
authentication options (catchurl etc), but can't seem to get anything working.
Saved my cookies from the browser and I can use them to make a successful
request with curl, but it doesn't work with httrack.

Nothing secret in there, so my cookie file looks like this:

# Netscape HTTP Cookie File        TRUE    /       FALSE   0       6ebe36973d6dbfa63f05c90364c84e97        TRUE    /       TRUE    0       

If I do 'curl
<> -b
test/cookies.txt --output tmp.pdf' (random file for PoC) it works fine and I
get the file. But 'httrack
<> -b1
-*logout* -O test -v' gives me an 401 Unauthorized error. I've set chmod 555
on the cookies file, so it wouldn't be overwritten.

What am I doing wrong here?


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Cookies work with curl, but not with httrack

06/07/2021 01:06


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