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Subject: mirroring depth
Author: gutterpunch
Date: 06/15/2021 15:19
Hi there, I seem to be having an issue with downloading an online archive.  It
has been organized in such a way that it emulates a standard folder structure. 
I have attempted to download the archive multiple times, the first few times
with default settings.  Upon examining the archive, it only seems to mirror to
a depth of 3 folders.  It still pulls the folder structure to a deeper depth,
and also seems to clone every file therein, but all of those files past depth
3 are cloned as broken html files rather than the actual functioning file

So I changed the mirroring depth to 20 and tested it on one url from my list. 
It seemed to pull all files with success.  So I uploaded the entire url list
and set a mirroring depth of 20 and left it running all night.  However,
yesterday morning when I checked the completed download, the archive had once
again only downloaded to a mirroring depth of 3 with broken html's having
replaced the actual files.  I tried downloading it again last night with a
depth of 10 instead, and once again got a depth of 3 instead.

Basically, I got the depth I wanted when I downloaded from one url, but not
from my list of urls.  How can I fix this?  Thanks

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