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Subject: Re: unable to save
Author: kattar
Date: 12/15/2002 11:59
The site is <>   
if I try to download without some directories not   
interesting as 'estat' 'status' 'Problemstat' etc. httrack   
not saves other files after the first 3500 in different   
directories (not save simples files as of < 1k).   
The empty space is > 10G.  
If I try to make the same from Win98 I can receive more  
than 25000 files, but after the work is interrupt for the  
limits of Windows to put more files in the same directory  
(the cgi-bin directory has perhaps 40.000 files).  
I use P III 800 with 256 M of Ram and two hardisks for 240 
Thanks for the help 
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