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Subject: Website with ActiveX does not load properly
Author: Towerguard
Date: 09/20/2021 04:22
This is a forum that is scheduled to be shut down at the end of 2021
September. That is why I wanted to download it to my computer in advance since
it had lots of good discussion for back up. After completion of download, I
have noticed that it just opens blank in chrome with only background loaded
properly. I tried all browsers like Safari, Firefox, Edge and Opera but all of
them just returns same blank page. Then, I tried internet explorer as a last
resort and it works for some reason except how some YouTube insert links are
showing blank and some images are showing with x icon. Weird thing is it
prompts to ask me whether I would allow for ActiveX control to be used. When I
allow it, the page goes blank just like other browsers. This is how I figured
ActiveX is related to the problem.

I would really like to know how to solve this bug. Like why can I not open
this downloaded website properly with other browsers. From all I know, every
browser nowadays do not allow ActiveX by default without some extension. If
blocking ActiveX in internet explorer allowed for site to load why are other
browsers not working when they clearly block it too?

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Website with ActiveX does not load properly

09/20/2021 04:22


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