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Subject: "File not found" in command-line mode
Author: David
Date: 12/16/2002 10:36
I am using the latest WinHTTrack under Windows 2000 to grab 
a subsite of our intranet. It works fine interactively with 
nearly all settings on default. The only parameters I set 
are "Max external depth" and "Global travel mode".

I am now trying to use it in command-line mode by writing 
commands to a .bat file from VB6 and executing it using 
CreateProcess. It starts WinHTTrack, but stops immediately 
with "File not found" error.

To try to debug this, in Windows I do Start - Run, and 
execute, and work in that window.
I attach to the directory where the program resides, and 
just execute it with the default settings. 
    winhttrack.exe <http://intranet/dir1/>
I still get "File not found".

I know this has to be really basic, and apologies for the 
question, but what am I doing wrong?Thanks in advance

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