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Subject: fail to download website's full functionality
Author: James Black
Date: 11/01/2021 22:49
I am trying to download the website, when downloaded  when I try
clicking on one of the chapters it doesnt direct me to the page of the
chapter, it just stays on the homepage. When I look in the download folder
however there is a clickable link that directs to each chapter, I just have to
do it through folders separately, I cant directly do it from the homepage like
on the regular online site.
Also if you look on the site it has functionalities like playing various
audios and clicking on the text to play the audio of specific words etc, these
functionalities dont work either, are there particular settings you would use
for a site like this?I am new to this program, any advice on how to fix these
issues if it is possible would be appreciated. 

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fail to download website's full functionality

11/01/2021 22:49
Re: fail to download website's full functionality

11/02/2021 16:42


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