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Subject: Bad Request with # in the URL
Author: Spider IT Deutschland
Date: 11/02/2021 16:49
I have to convert a website to plain HTML, because the customer wants it to
become static and not update the CMS all the time.
The website is
There is no blocker active on the server.
Most of the pages come over perfectly.
But then, all just from one page, the links don't work: 16:36:24	Error: 	"Bad
Request" (400) at link (from
To me it seems as if HTTrack "forgets" to remove the #Main59 part of the URL
making it a malformed URL.
The page from which the URLs are not converted is
I double checked the URLs in the page's sourcecode and they all seem okay to
Can anyone please help me here?Thanks in advance!

Kind regards
René Mansveld

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Bad Request with # in the URL

11/02/2021 16:49
Re: Bad Request with # in the URL

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