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Subject: Password Protection Query - You came to the rescue
Author: Marcus W
Date: 11/28/2021 04:19
I used HTTrack on Windows a long time ago. Recently, with the transition from
Facebook to Meta I realized I needed to backup my files. I went to one website
I can no longer log in with my current email address. When I use an older
email address, it logs me in but I can't archive the files. I am on Ubuntu
20.04 now, and I was able to get HTTrack in the terminal. Now I have the two
sites downloaded that I wanted to backup. In my case, I don't care if you guys
snagged my info in the process. However, I was wondering, how do people make
sure their password info they needed to put in to get their site files is
protected? Do you recommend we change our passwords immediately after
downloading or are there measures in place to avoid this? Thanks again for
helping me with this. 

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Password Protection Query - You came to the rescue

11/28/2021 04:19


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