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Subject: "Header line string too long" error
Author: Chris
Date: 01/25/2022 19:41
Hello all,

This is my first time ever using httrack, and I have a work assignment that
was dumped in my lap a couple hours ago. I'm attempting to download this
entire website: <>
This takes you to the login screen. I followed a couple online tutorials to
configure the settings, using browser cookies to save the login and make the
download possible. However, it keeps throwing up this error message:

A problem occured during the minoring operation 
"Header line string too long"
During: "winhttrack-qwC2t%PnsOu1%uONO%10p7DaKOHO%lcf2A25000%ftlf -F
""Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U: Windows NT 5.0: en-US; rv:1.1)Gecko/20020826"" -%F
""(none)"" -%I ""en. -%X
HTTrack Unavo Unavo hts--01 ""D:\HTTrack Unavo Unavo— +6.css +6.0
-ad.doubleclick.nett -mime:applicationifoobar +'jpg -cipeq +6.png +'.tif
+'.bmp +62ip +' .tar +6.tgz +6.gz +6.rar +'.z +6.exe +6.mpg +'.mpeg
+'.avi +6.asf +6.mp3 +'.mp2 +•.rm +•.wav +6.vob +6.qt +6.vid +6.ac3 +6.wma
+6.wmv +Inamel.wirelessdev.unavo.comt" See the log file if necessary. 

How do I resolve this? I simply copy-pasted the content of the "Cookie"
section in Chrome Developer Tools, into the "additional headers" box in the
HTTrack options. I noticed there were two cookies in use, am I only supposed
to use one?
Thanks in advance!

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