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Subject: [SKIP] *actualy* works, however not as intended.
Author: cafyon
Date: 03/01/2022 14:09
Version 3.49-2 , GUI
Windows 10 Pro x86_64
Beg my sincere pardon!
[SKIP] *actualy* works, however not truly as intended.
You can demonstrate it.
Let's say, you have 4 active connections.
All 4 are downloading, but big/long files.
When you hit [SKIP] button of any file, it seems it doesn't work.
But it works ("will work" suits better), when one of the actions complete its
job. Then skip works.
IMHO, our beloved coders of HTTrack, shall change the algorithm in a way that,
skip should be monitored always, not only after one action completes; or not
only before next action begins, IMHO.
Hats off to you by the way! <3

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[SKIP] *actualy* works, however not as intended.

03/01/2022 14:09
Re: [SKIP] *actualy* works, however not as intended.

03/16/2022 23:47


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