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Subject: html5 picture element not being downloaded
Author: Jason Ullstam
Date: 04/13/2022 20:58
Hello.   I am attempting to use HTTrack to get a static html version of a
Drupal website to host rather than hosting Drupal on the production server.  I
am running into an issue where HTTrack is skipping any html5 picture elements. 
Is there a reason it isn't grabbing those?  I had the same issue with wget but
it is resolved in wget2 however I need to use HTTrack because it creates a
directory and index.html file for each page where wget2 creates each subpage
as subpagename.html.  

Any information on how I can get HTTrack to pull the picture elements would be
greatly appreciated.

For reference this is what i'm currently using.

httrack <https://drupal-site> -O . -N "%h%p/%n/index%[page].%t" -WqQ%v
--robots=0 --footer ''

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html5 picture element not being downloaded

04/13/2022 20:58
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