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Subject: How to resume a mirror when the site is down
Author: Cobalt
Date: 04/18/2022 21:02
So I was mirroring a site and was well into it when the computer I was
mirroring on rebooted. I went to just resume the mirror and it erred out, upon
checking turns out the site I was mirroring has gone down, possibly forever.
Looking at the folder structure I have a large, if not all, the html files
from the site. However a lot of them still have TMP extensions attached which
I'm guessing means they were downloaded but not processed? I tried just
removing the TMP extension from one to see what would happen but it fails to
load properly. Is the work on the mirror lost at this point or is there
someway to get HTTrack to ignore the fact that the main site is down and just
finish processing the TMP files it has?Further research turns out the site
actually went down nearly 12hours before my computer rebooted, so HTTrack was
still processing the HTML from the site after it was gone, just not getting
any images or files linked in the pages. Which is fine, the information on the
pages is what I was trying to preserve. Is there any settings or commands that
would make HTTrack Force Resume?

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How to resume a mirror when the site is down

04/18/2022 21:02


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