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Subject: Bad I/O operation on a project
Author: john_johnk
Date: 04/26/2022 23:53
Good evening from Paris,
During a cut and copy operation from a partition to another disk I had a
windows error like "Could not find this item, This is no longer located in
...Verify the location and try gain" during copying a folder containing a
.whtt project. I tried again many times but the warn box keeps warning. So I
decided to skip. I am afraid I lost some data from this .whtt project. I re
opened it with winHTTtrack but i don't find any option to compare the original
project ( with all the files and folders) with as it is now and to compare if
some files are missing. Thanks for your help.
Best regards from Paris 

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Bad I/O operation on a project

04/26/2022 23:53
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