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Subject: Re: Need an expert on
Author: Rick Knoll
Date: 12/21/2002 06:35

I'm nearly there.  I've got the capture working, but their 
redirect scheme is still screwing things up.

As you suggested, I've got an option/scan filter set as*

It appears that after the capture I still need something in 
the "Web Addresses: (URL)" so I'm using

The html files I get mirrored from the inheritance folder 
are still all single-link files back to the login screen.  
One of these html files is duplicated with a "eab5" tacked 
on to the end of the filename, and it appears to be the 
full, correct html file.

Shouldn't the filter I'm using after I capture the link get 
me EVERY file in the inheritance folder, including all images?
Did this work when you tried it?  Sorry if this is mundane.

Thanks again,
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