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Subject: documentation
Author: Bill Davison
Date: 12/21/2002 08:50
Great product, I'm very happy with it.

Just one suggestion - the documentation should be more 
comprehensive.  I eventually found my answers by searching 
the forum, but for basic functionality I shouldn't have to.

1. Document all the menu functions (mirror/pause wasn't 
doing what I expected, which sent me to the forum).  Your 
help for the options is great, maybe you can do something 
similar for the menu.

2. Document all the stuff on the status screen, i.e. each 
field in the "information" box.  "Links scanned" was 
another one that sent me to the forum.

I know, I know - documentation's a pain and it's low on the 
priority list.  But it would make your product more 
attractive to less technical users.


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12/21/2002 08:50
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