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Subject: Javascript Popup
Author: EternalDragon
Date: 12/21/2002 12:49
I spent a little time browsing through the posts on this 
forum and it seems to me that HTTrack isn't able to handle 
javascript calls. I do have a simple question tho and even 
though it may have been answered in other posts, i must 
ask. I am trying to mirror a site that has a thumbnail 
image. When i click on the image, the popup function in 
the javascript is called passing in an image id in the 
form of a number like 2332 or something. A separate window 
will open with the fullsize image. That is it. Is there 
any possible way to handle this with httrack? It seems to 
be very simple but i don't know how to make httrack handle 

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12/21/2002 12:49
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