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Subject: repeated grabs of same file + filter doesn't work
Author: Simon Lai
Date: 12/24/2002 06:44
Hi all,

The version of HTTrack I am using 3.22-3. I am currently
running across problems when I try to download the following


Problem 1 - the program seem to be grabbing multiple
instances of certain web pages from the above website,
namely privacy.shtml, tou.shtml, legalfaq.shtml and some
other web pages as well. I have noticed that these web pages
are pretty much referenced from the bottom of almost every
page in the website. This is causing extreme delays in the
full download of the website (HTTrack will report having
downloaded just under 100 megabytes in total, yet after it
finished downloading the full website, the whole folder will
only be around 25 megabytes in size - I suspect the
remaining 75 megabytes are the constant re-downloading of
the same material). Is there a way I can set HTTrack to only
download one instance of the file?
Problem 2 - Under the 'Scan Rules' of the program, I have
specified for the program to avoid downloading anything in
the 'ladder' folder by using the following scan rule:*

However, the program is still downloading the contents of
the website. Under the 'Links' tab of the options, I have
made sure the "Get non-HTML files related to a link... but
that doesn't seem to help either. Am I specifying the filter
rule incorrectly or something?
Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone might be able to
provide :)

Regards all,
Simon Lai

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