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Subject: httrack html help width issue (too wide)
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 12/30/2002 22:10

This is just an FYI that the following help pages for 
httrack are too wide even when viewed at 1024x768.  They 
force you to scroll the screen left/right to read many of 
the paragraphs.  I observed this problem using IE 6, and 
also while viewing the guides inside of WinHttrack's Help 
menu (which is really just another browser GUI...).

C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\HelpHtml\fcguide.html
C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\HelpHtml\options.html (linked 
from C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\HelpHtml\cmddoc.html)

I've only noticed these pages as being troublesome, as the 
other help pages show up formatted to a constrained width.


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httrack html help width issue (too wide)

12/30/2002 22:10
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