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Subject: Re: Excellent, but...!
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 12/31/2002 01:41
> Hello!
>      I find ur software and find it very usefull and 
> in its kind. But there is lake of one option and that is 
> that ther should be an option to start the download from 
> where it was disconnected during last section. (As the 
> GetRight does). If this option is included, then it will 
> become more useful and powerfull. And another thing that 
> would like to say is that the interface of HTtracker is 
> very beautiful and handosoem! I love it
> Mohsin Ali HIjaze
> from
> Pakistan

If you mean a way to continue an interrupted or canceled 
mirror, then it is already in WinHttrack.  Just 
choose "Continue Interrupted Download" from the Action menu 
on the same screen you enter the URLs of the sites you wish 
to download.

If you mean to resume interrupted downloads of individual 
large files from http and ftp sites, then no, it isn't in 
Httrack.  One way you do that is use GetRight or GetSmart 
or another downloader in a proxy mode (if it supports it) 
with WinHttrack.  You tell Winhttrack to use GetSmart as 
the ftp proxy, and then configure GetSmart to transfer the 
ftp files.  I don't know about http files.
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Excellent, but...!

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