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Subject: Unable to download Web Page
Author: Alan
Date: 05/26/2023 03:41
Hello, I'm Alan and I have a problem downloading a web page. I'm new to this
kind of things, so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

Myy goal is to download for offline reading this web page:
<>. When you click the link, you are
redirected to the home page, but if you log in, it takes you directly to the

To download the web page then I perform the following procedures:
1- I create a new project
2- Download web site(s)
3- Add URL< Capture URL< I perform the exact procedure described here
using Firefox and i got my link< I tried also entering the login and password
in the "Authentication" section but it doesn't work< Then OK< Than i chage my
Proxy settings to "Auto-detect proxy settings for this network"
4- Back to HTTrack< Set Options< Scan Rules and i entered this text: 

+*.png +*.gif +*.jpg +*.css +*.js

6- OK
7- Next
8- Finish

What did I do wrong?

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Unable to download Web Page

05/26/2023 03:41


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