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Subject: Re: Httrack
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 01/03/2003 05:13
> Hi, 
> I'm just wondering if Httrack website copier can 
> download .mdb databases and asp files??
Yes...if the Get non-HTML Files near link option is 
enabled on the Options | Links tab.  You can also add this 

You probably do NOT want to add a +*.asp filter (unless 
you also specify a maximum depth) or Httrack is likely to 
go all over the internet...

> Also why is this program allways jumping over all the 
> folders and files that the robot.txt contains??See these Httrack docs for
more info and how to change 

> Maybe I've don't understanded this prog, but I'm just 
> wondering!
We all start somewhere :)
> Regards
> Chris

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