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Subject: Re: Address converted
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 01/03/2003 05:23
> I'm trying to download some pages created by a cgi. 
> However the problem is HTTRACK seems to convert part of 
> the querry-string, i.e. it makes
> <>>; 
> ali/IMAGE/ 
> into 
> <>>; 
> i/IMAGE/
> Is there any way of solving this problem?> 
> Greetings
> Lars

Looks to me that losing the './' may be related to the 
same URL processing problems I had earlier with some 
strange URLs on the site.  This may just be 
another case that wasn't handled.

One thing: where is this conversion happening? 
A.) During the download of the website (result is you see 
a lot of 404 File Not Found errors in the hts-log.txt) or 
B.) when you try to view the copied site, you notice the A 
HREF's are written incorrectly?
Note: I can't access that URL right down or 
requires authentication or something?
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