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Subject: Unable to Capture URL in Windows 10
Author: Norbert
Date: 08/19/2023 01:35
I installed the latest HTTrack on two Windows 10 Home computers.  I added the
registry setting to disable IPv6.  I have disabled the Windows Defender
firewall.  I start Edge, navigate to the point where I am asked to login.  If
I then click on "Capture URL", manually set the Windows proxy to the IPv4
address/port, and try to complete the login, Edge claims "You're not
connected.  It looks like there's something wrong with the proxy server, or
the address is incorrect."

I have been able to scan a MediaWki website with wget
--save-cookies/--load-cookies but it is picking up odd pages and ending.  Is
it possible to import the session cookies from wget into HTTrack?

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Unable to Capture URL in Windows 10

08/19/2023 01:35


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