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Subject: minor new.txt technicality (FYI)...
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 01/05/2003 10:16
I've been analyzing the new.txt generated from my large 
crawl of epanorama and have a question...
Why does get listed in 
new.txt twice, but with different local file names 
(,  When I checked the saved HTML 
files that linked to this ZIP file, they were both 
correctly linked to ( does not even 
exist where new.txt said it 'would'.)  So is HTTrack doing 
some URL checks/conversions/equivalancy checks after these 
entries are written in the new.txt?  It sure seems like it 
in this case.  It's not a 'critical' problem (didn't affect 
the local copy), but it may complicate troubleshooting in 
other cases (as this troubleshooting tool itself may be a 
little bit broken.)

Here are the related entries from the new.txt:
16:57:45	287/-1	-R-MC-	error ('Moved%
20Permanently')	text/html	301		html	zip	

2020021228/	(from
17:13:12	287/-1	---MC-	error ('Moved%
20Permanently')	text/html	301	zip	html	zip	


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