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Subject: Personal Privacy Concerns & Unethical Use
Author: Samuel Church
Date: 11/20/2023 17:03

I recently discovered WinHTTrack and am just now familiarizing myself with the
capabilities of this tool, but I had a couple of questions about how it can be
used and if those uses could be considered illegal or criminal activity. To
keep this question short and simple, is this program capable of snooping or
spying on the online activity of of someone else? If so, can it be used
remotely without their knowledge of it's use? Finally, if you've answered yes
to the two prior questions, can a person identify when it is being used on
them? Finally, if a person is finding this type of invasion of privacy is
occurring, would I have legal recourse, or evidence enough to initiate an
investigation into these activities?
Thank you kindly for your time and response,

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Personal Privacy Concerns & Unethical Use

11/20/2023 17:03
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