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Subject: HTTRACK newbie - can't view downloaded site
Author: Frida Gonzales
Date: 04/14/2024 17:43
Hello everyone. I'm a HTTRACK newbie (this is the very first thing I've tried
to do using the software) and also not very technically strong!

I've downloaded and unzipped a very large dictionary-type site onto my hard
drive (Note: I didn't download the site using HTTRACK; I downloaded a site
that *someone else* created using HTTRACK) and am having trouble browsing the
local copy.

All of the files seem to have downloaded correctly.

However, nothing's linked (and there are tens of thousands of individual
pages).  When I double-click the "Index" file in the root directory, my
browser doesn't open up what looks anything like a web page.  All I can browse
are purple-themed pages with titles like "Index of locally available projects"
and "Index of locally available sites".

Fortunately, I am able to view the individual dictionary entries, so I can see
the definition for any single word.  But this is very frustrating because I
can't view anything like a normal website.  For example, the dictionary entry
for the word "pique" is "00179963.html".

Well, that's not very helpful, and the dictionary is essentially useless.

I hope I'm making sense. Thank you for reading this and for any help you can
provide. Have a nice day!

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HTTRACK newbie - can't view downloaded site

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