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Subject: Re: Error 400 Bad Request
Author: Christian
Date: 04/18/2024 04:19
Hi SteelTalon!

Check this out: I managed to get GameFAQs.Gamespot mirror going just now after
many tests and trials by changing two things:

1) Bandwidth max: 247000  (1 connection per second only)
2) Change browser ID type to Mozilla 5.0 if any problems!!! 

I can post my other settings if it helps you out. :)

This is easily the best offline browser/site downloader out there and glad new
users keep coming to get this nifty little tool (I have been using it over
over 15 years!). Still works great, just wish the project would get updated
and back to life.

Ps. suggestion: use a VPN with a good malware shield ( for
example, to stay safe online and good luck. 

Hope it helps!
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