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Subject: Mirror is mostly .tmp files and can't continue
Author: John
Date: 05/04/2024 12:28
I tried to mirror a forum using httrack. I left it running for days on a Pi and
when the download was interrupted by a power cut I was left with 8.5GB out of
which 7,5GB are .tmp files.

The forum is offline now (which is the reason I was trying to mirror it) and I
can't continue the download. Is there anything I can do with those .tmp files.
They are partially complete .html files and it would be extremely useful if I
could somehow put them in the right directory so that they're usable. As I
said, almost all the downloaded information from the forum is on those .tmp
files even though they might be partial.

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Mirror is mostly .tmp files and can't continue

05/04/2024 12:28


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