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Subject: Just used HHTRACK added files that are not on site
Author: BobN
Date: 05/05/2024 08:37
I haven't used HHTRACK in quite awhile but someone asked me for a copy of one
of my websites.

I made a good copy, no errors, mirror works BUT

As I browsed through the directories, I found two files, in the root, which
are no where on the site - I checked everyone of my 83 directories on a shared
hosting plan which sever other websites in sub-directories of public_html and
they do not exist.

One of the files has the name allfunction.html and have a legitimate file
allfuctions.js in the js sub directory of the root directory.

The other file has the name 1993-04-02fromGordon.html. I have a file of that
name containing a letter from someone but it is about four levels down under
root and is not referenced by any file on the site.

The contents of the file looks nasty but really causes no problem but I'm
steamed that HHTRACK would add files when making the copy.

Contents are the same:


        <title>404 Error - Page Not Found</title>
            #ad_frame{ height:800px; width:100%; }
            body{ margin:0; border: 0; padding: 0; }
        <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
            var url = <>='
                + document.domain + '&pid=9POL6F2H4';

            $(document).ready(function() {
                $('#ad_frame').attr('src', url);
        <iframe id="ad_frame" src=
            frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

            <!-- browser does not support iframe's -->



So it appears that first HHTRACK created a file named allfunctions.html in the
root. There is a file named allfunctions.js in the js sub directory of the
root. But there is no legitimate file named allfunctions.html anywhere on the
server or anywhere on my HDD.

Then HHTRACK creates a file named 1993-04-02fromGordon.html there is a file
named 1993-04-02fromGordon.pdf that is four levels down from the root and is
only referenced by files that are one level above it and no references to it
is the website which I was copying.

What is HHTRACK doing in directorates which are not referenced in the website
itself? Why is it creating these files, same on every copy I've tried, in the
Does anyone know anything about this?
Another matter, the index file created by HHTRACK to show the links to the
mirrored sits, has a lot html errors - far more than I would ever expect to
see in a package that is actually in distribution.

Poking around in the text files installed with the program I found reference
to version 3.49-2 so I guess the version I have installed.


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