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Subject: Missing interactive menu in mirror
Author: YarisMan
Date: 05/27/2024 23:24

I'm trying to mirror a Russian website containing my car workshop manuals
(only for my personnal use), to prevent losing all these information if the
website is shutdown in the future.

The mirroring process does not return any error.
But the problem is that the interactive menu for selecting parts and operation
type (all the useful data) is missing in my mirror.

I suspect this is a complex scripty thingy than cannot be handled easily but i
prefer to ask.

Is there a way to achieve my goal easily with httrack (i'm used to tech things
but a real newbie in websites) or should i follow all the links by hand and
use the old school "Print to PDF" ?
Best regards.

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Missing interactive menu in mirror

05/27/2024 23:24


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