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Subject: Re: partial download
Author: Dave
Date: 01/07/2003 07:08
> > Great program!!! There is a 1.5 gig site I would like 
> > put on 2 CD's, but dont know how to continue the 
> > at the point I left off at when I used the 'pause after 
> > downloading' (I put in '750meg') option. I've searched 
> the 
> > help but can't find.
> Err, you have to do it manually - backup the 
> folder which contains the site data, and erase it. Then, 
> continue the download (unpause)
> Note: Anyway, you won't be able to crawl the site 
> on CDrom, you'll have to copy the site locally first

Hi Xavier

I should have been more specific, but the dog had to go to 
the vet and I was rushed....
The site is "atm archives" (amatuer telescope making), and 
has about 95,000 pages with links to letters and answers in 
it over a 5 year period - all cross linked and catagorized, 
etc.  I told the program to pause at 750 megs, but it 
stopped at 550 and said the mirror was finished (so I never 
got to any unpause option). It wasnt finished though, as it 
had only downloaded about 35000 of the letters. (the older 
ones did not mirror.) I once downloaded the whole site, all 
1.5 gigs, but then could not figure out how to get it to 
split onto 2 disks and wound up losing everything. Now I 
cant seem to get it past the 550 meg stage without it 
saying it's finished. I've tried 3 times now. I would like 
to archive the whole site to cd's without having it on my 
hard drive. At least I have the last 2 years of the site on 
disk now. Thanks again for a great program - even if I 
don't know what the @#%$# I'm doing.
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