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Subject: Re: hts-log.txt analysis
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 01/10/2003 16:09
> Hi everybody !
> I have been using httrack for a while, and
> I was wondering if some one developped a programm
> (shell, perl, php, ...) to make a web page out of
> the hts-log.txt file.
> Thanks !
> sara

I don't know of any such tool...but I can't imagine it 
would be very hard to write it in the Perl or Basic 
dialect of your choice.  You also probably use the 
Microsoft Excel text file import wizard on hts-log.txt to 
get the columns correctly separated.  Then you could use 
Excel formulas to clean up the entries as you like.  I've 
done some of this (import and formulas) on the new.txt 
file with good results.

I don't know what stat package you have or use, but I'd 
expect them to be able to read Excel's format (or if 
nothing else, you could use Excel to save the cleaned up 
hts-log.txt as a new comma/tab delimited text file the 
stat package can use.
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