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Subject: HTTrack on TheOpenCD
Author: Henrik
Date: 01/11/2003 15:10

My name is Henrik Nilsen Omma, and I am one of the project
leaders of a new Open Source Project called TheOpenCD. Our
aim is to compile a collection of high-quality OSS on a CD
that can be easily distributed. In December last year we
finally completed our first edition CD; an ISO image of the
disc can be downloaded from We also aim to
send out copies to schools and universities worldwide. All
of the programs on the disc run under Windows; the disc is
intended to be an Open Source showcase. Computer users who
are new to OSS can try some selected applications in the
comfort of their, familiar OS.  We think that this will be
an easier introduction to OSS than taking the drastic step
of reformatting the hard drive to install Linux or BSD. On
the other hand, for the technically inclined the CD also
contains all the source code for all the included programs.

For the second edition we plan to expand the collection with
more programs and greater variety.  We have a standard
procedure for submitting and considering new software, using
a special review form (see:
<>)  I am posting here
because I personally think that HTTrack is a prime candidate
for inclusion on the next CD.  I wonder whether someone from
 this project would be interested in submitting a
nomination/description of HTTrack to our forum?  -- perhaps
with some screenshots.  We are very happy for developers to
nominate their own programs; after all you know it much
better than us.

- Henrik


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