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Subject: PHP files revisited
Author: Bill
Date: 01/12/2003 02:05
I'm still not having any luck. I'm trying to mirror a 
client site which is php based. Typical file name might be 
showcase.php?c=3 etc. Now, when the app is mirroring the 
site I can see the correct file names. Once it finishes, 
when I go to the folder the file names are now something 
like showcase00f7.html . I need to be able to preserve the 
original file names.

I went to Options, Spider, changed to Never check document 
types (as recommended) and also set all php file types to 
MIME text/html (also as recommended) still exact same 
problem. Anyone able to help? Thanks

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PHP files revisited

01/12/2003 02:05


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