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Subject: Are cookies working fine in WinHTTrack 3.22-3 ?
Date: 01/12/2003 05:23
As many people reported, I have also had problems with websites using cookies,
so I performed some tests using the page <> cookies/ to see
how HTTrack would handle cookies. This page explains cookies and through a
form it allows you to get one. I don't know whether I did something wrong, but
it did not seem to handle them very well.

I asked HTTrack to get these two pages in one session:
<> default.asp?cookie=Oatmeal&now=Get+a+Cookie%21

I made sure Cookies were enabled and that there would be only one connection
at a time. Well, for the first URL, the cookie was there, but not for the
second one. I did not find any cookie.txt file in my project folder either.

I also did another test, I got a cookie using IE 6 and using the same web
page. I copied the cookie in my HTTrack project folder (for instance E:\Sites
web\Privacy), and I configured the "Privacy" project to get
<>. The resulting page said: "You currently do not
have a cookie for this demonstration."

Is there something I am missing here? Or is there a bug in HTTrack?

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Are cookies working fine in WinHTTrack 3.22-3 ?

01/12/2003 05:23
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01/12/2003 20:41


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