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Subject: Re: HTTrack
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 01/12/2003 10:35
> Whilst I like HTTrack, is there any way for a website to 
> protect itself against misuse?  In my case the website I 
> run for a community of 3d-artists had 6.5 gigs, the 
> site in other words, downloaded by someone who just 
> the entire content presumably for a 3D collection.
> Many thanks
> Cris

There are some suggestions in the HTTrack documention and 
FAQ.  You can also make it necessary to register to access 
your site, even if it is free registration.  Putting up 
clearly visible warnings may also be an option so people 
considering mirroring will know your stance.  Give people 
options to contact you when they want to create a mirror.  
Suggest that you'll let them duplicate the data if they 
make it available online from a new location.  You could 
also give guidelines to people who want to download the 
site, with notes about maximum bitrates, # of connections, 
times of day, etc so as to minimize impact on your site.
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