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Subject: Re: Special characters in URL
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/29/2001 22:26
> I've seen an older posting in this forum related to 
> the same problem. HTTRACK changes for 
> example <> 
> to <> page.htm'. The link 
> in the local mirror does not work.

The problem that was fixed was the %20 not converted 
into a regular space when saving on disk.
But, you're wight, there's a bug when forming the 
final URI, and therefore when an URL doesn't have 
any "" the URL is invalid.

This will be fixed asap, too - here's the patch:

@@ -1662,8 +1649,7 @@
                         // calculer le lien relatif

-                        if (lienrelatif
(tempo,save,savename)==0) {
-                          escape_in_url
(tempo);     // escape with %xx
+                        if (lienrelatif
(tempo,save,savename)==0) {
                           if ((opt.debug>1) && 
(opt.log!=NULL)) {
fprintf(opt.log,"relative link at %s build with %s and 
%s: %s"LF,adr,save,savename,tempo);
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