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Subject: restrict harvest to certain file types
Author: zenmaster
Date: 01/14/2003 05:57
I'd Like to preface this question with
a Sincere thank you for creating this 
Program- IT IS AWESOME. I'd also like to
thank anyone in advance for a response as
It is GREATLY appreciated!!!

I'm having trouble limiting file types
that are harvested.  I'm interested in
downloading only .jpeg and .gif files.
I typically will enter the URL's to,
for conversations sake, 10 sites dedicated to
animal photography. I'm looking to mass
download as many pictures as possible. I 
have no need for ANY other file types other
than JPEG AND GIF! What would the command line look
like for this? Also, I have a very fast machine and
a high bandwith connection.  What are some guidelines
or realistic settings with regards to how many levels
of internal and external depth? What level would get
a good amount of the sites pictures without downloading
the entire internet!!!
If possible, please respond to the below email!!

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restrict harvest to certain file types

01/14/2003 05:57
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