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Subject: WinHTTrack project name length limit
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 01/16/2003 06:38
Here's one limit that I keep running into when using the 
GUI version of httrack...the Project Name box is too short 
for the names of some sites I wish to mirror.  It doesn't 
let me have a name longer than the width of that text combo-
box, and some sites I try to get imply a longer name than 
fits until I rename them shorter.  My project naming system 
is: <url without 'http://' YYYYMMDD>
such as:
' Area51 Corridor 4831 20021208'
I try to give them names as close to the URL as possible.

I think could be an easy fix by simply stretching the 
control a little bit longer on the form (if its anything 
like the way interfaces are designed in Visual Basic...)


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WinHTTrack project name length limit

01/16/2003 06:38
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