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Subject: Re: keep-alives broken...strangeness at
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/16/2003 22:05
> Note: After writing the stuff below, I turned off keep-
> alives and tested (project test3) with everything 
> correctly (from what I could see...I think keep-alives 
> are 'broken'.)

Two problems fixed (not quite easy to catch through the 
- the HTTP/1.1 "trailers" extension is not supported, and 
was causing problems on several sites (including the one 
you tested) ; I have fixed that
- "redirect" pages were leaving sockets withtout flushing 
the pending data ; I have also fixed that

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keep-alives broken...strangeness at

01/16/2003 06:19
Re: keep-alives broken...strangeness at

01/16/2003 22:05


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