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Subject: Problem(s) - Please help
Author: Sanjay Das
Date: 01/23/2003 11:31

I had earlier downloaded 100,000+ necessary pages (much 
more unnecessary pages before I could set the right scan 
rules) and later winzipped a particular project of 22,000+ 
pages and deleted the original folders. Later when 
extracting the html files (and other files and folders) I 
faced some errors in extracting in about 500 html files. 
These files I separately extracted in a new folder. Now I 
went on many times to copy and paste to the first time 
extracted folder (from the winzip files - where I had 
errors in extracting the ~500 files), to face that some 
errors. Likely is that the first extracted folder is write-
proof or paste-proof. 

Please let me know how I can paste the 500 html files to 
the first-time-extracted folder of about 22,000 html files.

If it can not be solved that way, there can be way that I 
go on clicking the links in the downloaded pages (in the 
order they were downloaded) and find the pages and the 
links whose corresponding html files are in the ~500 files 
and then I change the source code of the page to the new 
folder (where is the ~500 html files).

But I am a novice and I could not grasp how I can change an 
href as in the following order.

class="Normal2" width="70%" colspan="2" valign=top><a 

This "browseanswers1e55.html" file is the file within the 
separate folder of 500 html files. There is no path or 
directory so that I can change it to the separate folder. 
Please help in this regard.

If you would need the sample two interlinked pages I have 
uploaded at: <>
Please download them.

Where "browseanswersb710.html" is in the original folder 
(as downloded, then winzipped and later extracted from it) 
and "browseanswers1e55.html" is the file in a separate 
folder (which faced an error in extracting from the zip 
file and was separately extracted).

Please help me out.

Thanks indeed again for the wonderful software, and this 
Q&A forum and also for the previous bail-outs to me.

Warm regards,

PS: Sorry that I missed to mention that in the 
sample extracts that I have uploaded at 
<>, in the 
page "browseanswersb710.html" the first Subject caption 
link "EIN ?" take to the second html 
file "browseanswers1e55.html".

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