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Subject: New Strategy: HTTrack + Proxy as ideal offline Web
Author: hote lastron
Date: 01/23/2003 12:18

using a Offline Reader or Website Copier has long been nice 
for me. But lately, I'm seeing more ambiguos sides. Its one 
real annoing thing: 
Separate Offline copies are really separate since their 
links either point to unavailable online URLS or to 
retransformed file paths. This fact just splits the usual 
navigation in internet into several unconnected worlds.
As a result, browsing offline web archives based on their 
real(!) URLs is not possible in HTTrack. 

I played with the idea of adding a proxy server into 
HTTrack. It's not offering a cache then. No it should offer 
several (!) archive folders as source for delivery.
In advance, one could add access to time-stamped URLs, 
several protocols, an search index, virtual file systems to 
support Zip-compressed websites ...
we would get a offline internet environment where one could 
use usual bookmarks and all the software infrastructure in 
the same way as from online internet.

My idea is better explained my these tools:
and ofcourse

While these tools offer specific solutions, the proxy 
server integration into HTTrack is obviously better aimed 
in Offline copies.

Do yu like this discussion? I'd feel glad about any good 

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New Strategy: HTTrack + Proxy as ideal offline Web

01/23/2003 12:18


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