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Subject: Re: How are cookies processed?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/27/2003 22:27
> Hi, I copied cookies.txt from the Netscape folder to the 
> project folder in HTTrack. Then I downloaded the web site 
> in that folder. Now the original Netscape cookies.txt 
> is gone and there is a new HTTrack generated cookies.txt 
> file.
> Could it be that HTTrack did not process the cookies in 
> original file because of a bug, and just replaced it with 
> its own file? 

Normally httrack should have merged the cookie(s) in this 
new file

> The web site cookie is in both files. But in the original 
> file it carries login information and in the new file it 
> in logout state. Logout links on the downloaded web site 
> are excluded.

.. and the mirror was successfull?
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