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Subject: The MyFamily Challenge
Author: Tom Wiest
Date: 01/28/2003 06:22
Recently, I downloaded HTTrack and tried using it to back 
up our account on  Our veterans group has 
hundreds of members logged into our MyFamily site who post 
new photos, stories, and historical information daily - and 
we have no way to back up this ever-changing database.  I 
was not able to make HTTrack perform the task, so I asked 
questions and got some good advice, but nothing seemed to 
work.  I went looking for a better software tool.  

After trying many other packages, I now believe that 
HTTrack is the "best of breed" and has the best chance of 
backing up our data, but I probably don't know enough about 
it to make it work.  I see by reading this forum that there 
are many who understand HTTrack well and could probably 
solve this problem if only they had the opportunity to see 
it first hand and understand it.

My challenge is for you to visit a small MyFamily test site 
(URL, ID and password provided below) to determine better 
how the MyFamily site is constucted.  Then use HTTrack to 
see if it can be configured to retrieve only the user-
submitted data (less than 2MB), and NOT all the site-
supplied files.  I've gone into the test site and manually 
extracted the target user data so that you can understand 
what I'm after ... html's, jpeg's, mpeg's, etc.  To do 
this, I simply displayed each page, then used IE's 
View>Source to create an html file of each page and save 
it.  I then manually saved each occurence of each photo 
(xxx-s.jpeg for the thumbnail, xxx-m.jpeg for the medium 
size, and xxx-l.jpeg for the full-size copy) to a separate 
directory.  The information I need is under MyFamily's 
POLLS, and MEMBERS (Address Book) sections.

Here's what you need to conduct your test ~

URL = <>
ID = testguest777 (read only, no updates)
password = guest777
URL of manually extracted target data (39 files in 3 
directories, less than 2MB) = <>

I invite you to log onto and look around to 
familiarize yourself with the site.  Compare that to the 
data I extracted and stored at 

Again, I'm not looking for "try this" or "try that" ... 
I've tried all the suggestions.  I'm hoping to hear from 
someone who can successfully back up the user data.

Thanks for any help.


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